I want to hold your hand. Yeah, you.

1 hour in-person or Skype session — $100
Sometimes — as an entrepreneur — we need someone to hold our hand. When Google can't cut it, we don't quite know where to turn for real-time, sound advice without getting ripped off. Whether you've got a financial endeavor to price out, a Wordpress/Weebly website problem to fix, or general confusion about what the hell you're doing as a business owner, sometimes it just feels good to talk about it. 

And then have someone give you life-changing ideas, a fresh perspective, and 3-5 very poignant homework assignments. With cheat sheets.

Here’s how this thing works:
  • We don't actually hold hands in real life. Just hypothetically speaking.
  • You pre-pay for your session (item can be selected below!)
  • We schedule 60 minute phone call (or in-person coffee meet up—that's always more fun!)
  • I give you a short pre-meeting homework assignment, so I can get to know your specific needs before we meet.
  • The meeting! We chat about your specific website, marketing, or business-related questions — addressing your systems, your stressors, your pickle — whatever problems you need help solving. 
  • I give you my real-time feedback on your endeavors, including an overall business strategy/website review — both in person, and summarized later via email. That's right. You don't even need to take notes!
  • I take my notes back to the Hive and marinate a little bit.
  • Homework. Yeah, yeah, I know. But this is the good stuff. The homework where I've done all the studying, written the Cliff Notes and virtually written the test answers on your hand so you can pass with flying colors. All you'll need to do is sit down and do it! I send you 3 to 5 action items to work on within 72 hours of our meet-up.
  • Follow-up support via email/text for 1 week after you receive said homework to answer any last questions you might have.

But wait. There's a guarantee! I guarantee one of three outcomes:
  1. SCENARIO A: You are stoked on the answers and the homework and your business is forever changed for the better. Hand holding becomes a virtual HIGH FIVE!
  2. SCENARIO B: If we decide you need some more help from me... like a website designed, website lessons or other forms of more long-term hand holding, I will roll 75% of your financial investment into my proposal for your long-term project, if you choose to continue working with me. 
  3. SCENARIO C: If we decide you need some bigger help (IE: a massive website overhaul that I don't have time to do, or legal/financial advice that I'm not certified to give—things that my friends are better suited to help with), I will personally refund all but $25 of your $100 commitment so that you can hold someone else's hand. And then I will recommend some AMAZING friends that would love to do just that.

So stop Googling your life away, sweating over your computer while your husband/wife/child/parakeet yells from the other room — IT'S 9PM! WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING? 

Yeah. You totally know what I'm talking about. Lets do this...