Life’s messy moments (with dogs and carpet)

Dogs are funny creatures. They’re kind of of like human children, right? At least, in the respect that they depend on you for their major lifelines such as food, water, shelter, etc. Dogs (like kids) also require constant love, attention, and care… ESPECIALLY if you’re the “proud” owner of a house with carpet.

Dog- and kid-owners, alike, can relate to the story I’m about to tell…

But first, let me comment on our friends and family who don’t have carpet in their homes. (Uh, lucky.) Our friends, Britt and Russ are inventive enough that they built a straw-bale house. (Seriously, you can read about it on their blog, here.) In their straw-bale house, they installed a floor made of concrete—very modern and VERY smart for dog owners. Always remember that if you decide to build your own house. Think: WHERE CAN MY DOG VOMIT WHERE I WILL HAVE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF CLEANUP? It’s that easy.

I’ll never forget  an afternoon I spent with Britt. We were chatting at her house, when out of nowhere, their pup, Ava, started making that noise every mom knows: The sound of impending vomit.

My heart jumped into my throat and I began to leap out of my chair when Britt, remaining calm and collected, said, “Oh, Ava… come here, not on the rug.” Without even dashing for cleaning supplies, Britt simply pulled Ava closer so that she could do her business on the concrete instead of the rug. The clean-up process took, ohhh… 68 seconds? WHAT? Life with concrete floors must be amazing.

When Sean and I stayed with my parents in Waupaca for a month this summer, we experienced the same thing: Shock, awe, and jealousy. They have concrete in section of their basement, and we left the dogs down there for a few minutes to run outside. Upon our return, it appeared Daisy took the liberty of using the concrete as her restroom. (You can tell it’s girl-pee because there’s no splatter—just a puddle.)

Cleanup—no problem.

Then, a day later, Dexter found his way to Daisy’s spot and marked it, because that’s how he rolls. You know this by now: No pee spot goes un-marked by Dexter. We knew it was him because the splatter had a 12 in radius around the puddle—that’s dog-owner detective work, right there.

Back to our home in Utah…

Today started as a glorious Saturday morning. I was sleeping in, when all of a sudden I drifted out of my slumber to the sound of Daisy breathing heavily in and out—my eyes shot open as I recognized the consequences of that sound. OH JEEZUS PLEASE NO—I lept out of bed, ran to the living room just in time to see her lose it all over the dog bed.

You know what my first thought was? Thank God it didn’t hit the carpet. Seriously: It’s a happy day when the dogs keeps their bodily functions to a contained area. It’s like, a small personal victory for me. It’s a little bit of karma, a gift from the universe, if you will. I relished that moment because I knew the cleanup could have been infinitely worse. PLUS, I know we won’t have a stain on the floor to remind us of Daisy’s “moment” for years to come.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend—may your carpet remain stain-free and your dogs (and/or kids) happy and healthy!

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